Wisdom from the true Wizard of Ads, Roy H Williams

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At long last, wisdom from the true Wizard of Ads, Roy H. Williams

One piece of great marketing is building intrigue and anticipation in your audience. Raise a question in the listener’s mind about a person or a business and you’ve set the “hook” that will make other branding messaging and sales actions resonate even more effectively, provided your audience doesn’t feel like their patience and investment weren’t worth the eventual payoff.

Hard to deny that the four-year wait we put One Man Brand listeners through to finally hear from Wizard Of Ads founder Roy H. Williams was worth it.

When partners from all over North America and beyond were in Austin in late 2019 we finally got the much-discussed and often-mentioned advertising guru behind the microphone to talk about his motivation for starting the global group that is headquartered in Austin. He said a big part of the Wizard of Ads mission is matching promising people up with the great opportunity to help small businesses all over the world reach their potential.

“The key is choosing who to bring close to you,” he said. “When we meet and I’m impressed I keep my eye on you. We have 46 partners who are the right people and I’m a talent scout for a great person. Once I’ve gotten a glimpse I let them prove to the world how much they can help.”

Williams has started to move himself away from his leadership positions with Wizard of Ads, naming a new chancellor and paving the way for younger partners to figure out how to best serve entrepreneurs who are facing a buying public who in recent years had shown they were growing harder to win over, and becoming less willing to part with their money.

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