Keys to Success Group International, with Jimmie Dale from Baker Brothers

We couldn’t make a trip to Dallas for the annual Success Group International expo without grabbing some time with Jimmie Dale from Baker Brothers in Dallas and a co-owner of SGI. His move to help buy back the trade group from a European conglomerate has helped small business owners all over North America get the knowledge and know-how they need to improve how they operate and grow with confidence.

Dale said he’s continually gratified to see new SGI members coming in on the brink of failure – owing hundreds of thousands of dollars and having no certainty in how to do their best – and reaching ongoing success in one or two years.

“We create culture and impact through training and learning,” he said. “We’re all about helping others.”

Dale said cooperation between SGI co-owner Gus Antos has helped both companies grow while also benefitting SGI members who see for themselves that former rivals in a market can put down their grudges and fin ways to make each other better.

Respect is of the utmost importance, he said, as is realizing that even longtime operators can learn new things from young companies who have to innovate and carve out their own niche so they can succeed.

“If its two, 10 or 100 trucks… you always have to be willing to learn from others,” he said. “Don’t worry about what doesn’t matter. Go with what matters for the customer and keep things simple.”

It’s no surprise that Dale also stresses the importance of taking care of employees first and foremost, so they can be the best possible ambassadors for a home services company.

“Be genuine and care about the employees. When you’re worried about them and not yourself you have an amazing time and culture. Take care of the employees and the numbers take care of themselves.”