Valuing your people, and maintaining focus with Will Brown of Brown Boys Roofing and Andrew Harrison

You never know exactly who or what you’ll encounter when you attend a Success Group International expo, but over the years it’s become one of the most reliable ways for us at One Man Brand and The Brand Guys to get up close with small business owners from all over North America. That was certainly the case at the most recent SGI confab that was held in Dallas (pre-Covid-19 pandemic, of course).

One of those was Will Brown of Brown Boys Roofing in Arkansas, where he’s been continuing his family home service company that’s been built around a belief in taking care of the people inside their company first and foremost.

“The people who work for us are out machine,” he said. “If the machine breaks down everything breaks down, and if we take care of our people they’ll take care of our customers and ultimately take care of our family.”

Will said at Brown Boys they’re focused on their people just as much or more than their products. Part of that comes from being firm believers in their religious faith and sharing that belief when they can. Doing so guides their actions and builds trust, but it’s got to be more than ”putting a fish on a marketing card.”

“We live it out and show it and that speaks for itself.”

While in Dallas we also got some time with Brand Guys’ comrade and Wizard of Ads Group partner Andrew Harrison. Andrew said it’s easy for visitors at an expo or conference to get all charged up with huge ideas and goals, but following through once you’re back on your home turf is what matters.

“It’s an electirc environment and it’s energizing to find out what they do and we can do for them,” he said. “We talk about what’s the big idea. What’s underrated is focusing and the resources you have to carry out your mission. It comes down to knowing your messaging, write some good copy and stay consistent.”